WP 248

Spectrometer by Wasatch Photonics

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The WP 248 from Wasatch Photonics is a Raman Spectrometer that operates at a wavelength of 248.6 nm. It has an in-built long-pass filter for Rayleigh scatter rejection and is available with a choice of an ambient or TEC-regulated detector. This option allows the balancing of the required signal to noise (SNR) and temperature stability. The spectrometer has a resolution of 14 cm-1 at 25 μm slit and has an integrated lens with a pixel size of 14 x 14 μm. It requires a DC supply of 12 V and has a current consumption of less than 500 mA.

This Raman spectrometer has a superior optical design based on a patented transmissive VPH grating and has an f/2.0 input aperture to capture more light. It is available in a module that measures 30.2 x 17.9 x 7.5 cm with a USB 2.0 type B connector and is ideal for research and cost-effective UV resonance application.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    WP 248
  • Manufacturer
    Wasatch Photonics
  • Description
    248 mn Free Space Fluorescence Raman Spectrometer for Research

Connections & Interface

  • Interface
    USB 2.0 Type B connector

General Parameters

  • Measuring Techniques
    Raman Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Spectrometer Type
  • Wavelength Range
    248.6 nm
  • Spectral Resolution
    14 cm-1
  • Spectrum Band
  • Integration Time
    3 ms - 60 s
  • Slitwidth
    25 µm
  • Pixels
  • Aperture(f-number)
  • Detector
    Hamamatsu S10420-1006 CCD, Hamamatsu S16011-1006 CCD
  • Pixels Size
    14 x 14 µm
  • Image Sensor
    CCD Sensor
  • Numerical Aperture


  • Operating Temperature display
    0 to 40 Degree C

Physical Properties

  • Weight
    3 kg
  • Dimension
    30.2 x 17.9 x 7.5 cm

Technical Documents

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