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The 05RP32-1064 from Newport is a True Zero-Order Wave Plate that has a birefringent polymer film cemented between two high-precision, high efficiency, broadband antireflection coated N-BK7 windows. It provides excellent transmitted 1064 nm wavefront quality and λ/2 retardation, while minimizing beam deviation and surface reflection losses. The assembly is mounted in a 12.7 mm outer diameter black anodized aluminum housing for protection and ease of mounting and has a 5.1 mm clear aperture. 

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    MKS | Newport
  • Description
    Zero-Order Precision Wave Plate, 12.7 mm, 1064 nm, λ/2 Ret.

General Parameters

  • Waveplate Type
    Zero-Order Precision Waveplates
  • Wavelength Range
    1064 nm
  • Retardance
  • Waveplate Thickness
    0.13 in. ( 3.30 mm)
  • Acceptance Angle
    ±9 Degree
  • Beam Deviation
    1 arcmin
  • Clear Aperture
    5.1 mm
  • Retardance Tolerance
  • Substrate/Material
    Grade A N-BK7
  • Surface Quality
    40-20 scratch-dig
  • Transmitted Wavefront Error
    λ/5 at 632.8 nm over the full aperture

Physical Properties

  • Diameter Tolerance
    ±0.13 mm
  • Waveplate Diameter(Inch)
    0.5 Inch
  • Waveplate Diameter(mm)
    12.7 mm

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