Amplification Properties of Raman Fiber Amplifiers for Narrowband Single Frequency Sources.

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There are a number of applications where Single Frequency (SF) narrowband seed sources need to be amplified while maintaining spectral purity and with a minimum amount of added noise. Laser cooling of atoms often requires high power sources with very specific frequencies matching atomic transitions to create atomic clouds of supercooled matter. Often, we receive questions regarding the evolution of single-frequency (SF) signal properties during amplification. For example, 

• how the linewidth and both the intensity and phase noise of a single-frequency input signal change during amplification? 

• how do the RFA output power and signal-to-noise ratio depend on the input seed power? 

• what spectral bandwidth can be covered by RFA and VRFA? 

• and what are the seed source requirements? 

This paper covers optical properties of Raman Fiber Amplifiers (RFA) and Visible Raman Fiber Amplifiers (VRFA) with Second Harmonic Generator (SHG).