Creating Your Own Bandpass Filter

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As fluorescence technology evolves, so too must the optical filters that are key to detection. Almost every new fluorophore requires its own bandpass filter to yield the best brightness or contrast. That optimal bandpass may need to change in order to maximize signal to noise when used in conjunction with other fluorophores, or if intensity balancing between fluorophores is needed to reduce eye fatigue of an operator reading assays. 

Even with more than 350 different single passband filters available off the shelf from Semrock, we’ve found that some of our customers aren’t able to identify what bandpass they need without doing some testing first. Other customers are looking for a bandpass that doesn’t yet exist, but they don’t require the volume quantities needed to support a custom filter run. Our VersaChrome Edge™ Tunable Filters seek to fill that gap, allowing both researchers and instrument developers to dynamically create and optimize their own bandpass filter shapes by combining three simple, versatile filters.