Electronic Imaging 2021

  • Date: 18 to 28 January, 2021
  • Location: Virtual / Digital Format
  • Event Type: Conference

Event Overview

The Electronic Imaging Symposium is more than just a series of collocated conferences. It is a series of intertwined imaging science events that allow attendees to expand their knowledge and networks. Electronic Imaging 2021 brings together 18 technical conferences covering all aspects of electronic imaging. For 33 years, the Electronic Imaging Symposium has been serving those in the broad community—from academia and industry—who work on imaging science and digital technologies. The breadth of the Symposium covers the entire imaging science ecosystem, from capture (sensors, cameras) through image processing (image quality, color, and appearance) to how we and our surrogate machines see and interpret images. Applications covered include security, virtual reality, machine vision, and data analysis, among others.