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28 Mar, 2019 - GoPhotonics Newsletter

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Date: 28 Mar, 2019
Latest Photonics Products
High Power Ultrafast Laser for Multi-Photon Excitation

NKT Photonics

The ORIGAMI HP from NKT Photonics is a compact mode-locked femtosecond laser that provides transform-limited output pulses at more than 4 W with pulse durations less than 120 fs and a repetition rate of 80 MHz at 1050 nm. The laser provides diffraction-limited beam quality with excellent pointing and continues to provide the lowest phase-noise and timing jitter.
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Eight Channel Pyroelectric Detector for Gas Analysis


The LRM-278 from Infratec is an eight channel pyroelectric detector ideally suited for gas analysis. It has a large aperture of 8.5 x 8.5 mm2 that provides a very large field of view (FOV) and an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio. The detector is available in a 15.2 mm diameter, TO8 package and operates over a single supply of 2.7 to 5 volts.
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2 µm Ultrafast Fiber Laser for Scientific Research and Industrial OEM

NPI Lasers

The Rainbow 2000 is an Ultrafast Fiber Laser that provides an output power of up to 3 watts while operating at 1960 nm. It has ultra-short pulse durations of under 3 ps. The laser is available in a module that measures 392 x 298 x 115 mm and is suitable for scientific applications such as multi-photon spectroscopy, nonlinear optics.....
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21 MP CMOS Image Sensor for Digital Cameras

Sony Corporation

The IMX272AQK is a 21.27 megapixel CMOS active pixel type image sensor with a square pixel array. This sensor has a maximum 24 dB PGA circuit and 12 bits A/D converter. The 12 bits digital output makes it possible to read out the signals of 21.27 M effective pixels at high-speed of 60 frames/s in still picture mode. This product is designed for use in consumer use digital still camera only.
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2 Micron High Power Single-Frequency Fiber Laser

AdValue Photonics

The AP-SF1 from AdValue Photonics is a Single-Frequency Fiber Laser that provides an output power of 5 watts, operating at 1950 nm. It has a fast tuning range of up to 200 MHz and frequency stability of +/- 100 MHz per minute. The laser is available in a 448.6 x 433 x 132.5 mm benchtop unit with a turn-key system and is ideal for LIDAR, gas sensing, frequency conversion.....
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Latest Photonics News
MACOM & GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Scale-Up Silicon Photonics for NextGen Data Centers & 5G Networks


MACOM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF) have signed a collaboration to ramp MACOM’s Laser Photonic Integrated Circuit (L-PIC) platform using GF’s current-generation silicon photonics offering 90WG to meet data center and 5G telecom demands. The strategic collaboration will leverage GF’s 300 mm silicon manufacturing process to deliver requisite cost.....
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LG Innotek To Start Mass Production of Its Time-of-Flight Module for Smart Phones

LG Innotek

LG Innotek will soon begin mass production of ToF (Time of Flight; measuring of flight-time distance) module for smartphones to secure the leading position in the high-tech 3D sensing component market. The recently announced LG Electronics flagship smartphone, the G8ThinQ, houses this ToF module on the front.
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II-VI Introduces Laser Cutting Head with Increased Power Rating of 15 kW

II-VI Incorporated

II-VI Incorporated has announced the release of its latest laser cutting head, the BIMO-FSC that is rated for 15 kW of laser power. The new laser cutting head addresses the rapidly growing market for 1 µm laser-based flat sheet cutting. It comes with significantly improved processing capabilities with its 15 kW rating, enabling the highest cut quality in the shortest time.
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Cambridge Industries Group to Acquire Lumentum’s Certain Optical Transceiver Product Lines

Lumentum Operations LLC

Cambridge Industries Group (CIG) is set to acquire certain optical transceiver product lines from Lumentum Holdings. CIG has also entered into a long-term strategic supply agreement for Lumentum's photonic chips. The transceiver product lines to be acquired by CIG are developed and manufactured by Lumentum's subsidiary Oclaro Japan Inc.
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New Compact Laser Module Emits Watt Level Output Power in Yellow-Green Spectral Range
Researchers at FBH have succeeded in developing a very compact laser module emitting in the yellow-green spectral range at 561 nm and 574 nm with power levels in the watt range. The diode-based laser system, measuring only 76x54x15 mm³, uses novel butterfly housing and is aimed at biomedical and spectroscopic applications.
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NKT Photonics Unveils New Laser System for Cutting-Edge Quantum Optics

NKT Photonics

Leading laser solutions provider, NKT Photonics, has introduced the new Koheras HARMONIK laser system that offers a high-power, frequency-converted and ultra-noise offering upto 7W output. With a market leading low phase noise and narrow line-width at 775-780 nm, it is ideal for ultra-cold atom applications.
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Teledyne e2v and Teledyne DALSA Showcase Latest Innovations at Vision China Shanghai 2019

Teledyne DALSA Inc.

At the Vision China Shanghai 2019 event, Teledyne e2v and Teledyne DALSA, jointly showcased their latest advanced vision solutions under the combined brand of Teledyne Imaging. The event was held from March 20-22 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, China.
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ROHM Introduces High-Reliability 1608-Size White Chip LED

ROHM Semiconductor

Leading LED solutions provider, ROHM has introduced a White chip LED, the SMLD12WBN1W, with 1608 (1.6x0.8mm) size achieving class-leading reliability. This new package offers superior mountability and long operational life, which makes it ideal for use in display panels (e.g. temperature control displays) in industrial and compact consumer equipment.
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ISELED Technology Gains Momentum, 11 New Companies Join the ISELED Alliance
Since its introduction at electronica 2016, the ISELED technology, based on a true “digital LED”, has garnered immense appreciation and acceptance across the industry. This is also reflected in the overall growth of the ISELED Alliance, which has set itself the goal of offering a comprehensive system solution – an ecosystem – around ISELED technology.
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