Lumens to Foot-candle Conversion Calculator

This is an online calculator to convert lumens per square foot to foot-candles. Just enter the lumens value to get the corresponding foot-candle value.

Enter the Lumens Value to Calculate Foot-candle

  • lm/ft²


  • illuminance in foot-candle

Conversion Equation

1 lumen/foot² = 1 foot-candle


Lumen is the SI unit of Luminous Flux. It indicates the total amount of visible light emitted from a source.

Luminous Flux / Luminous Power is the amount of light energy radiated from a source in all directions per second and is denoted as F.


Foot-candle (fc) is the non-SI unit of illumination. It is a measurement of the amount of light that falls on a surface at one foot from a single candle. The term "foot-candle," originates from a time when candles were the primary light source.

illuminance (Ev) is the amount of luminous flux per unit area.