SPI Lasers to Demonstrate Latest Innovations at Laser World of Photonics 2017

Posted Jun 19, 2017 by SPI Lasers

SPI Lasers will be showcasing its range of products at the Laser World of Photonics event to be held between 26th – 29th June in Munich. As a pioneer in premium quality industrial Fiber Lasers, SPI will be using the show to launch their latest more than 100 W Pulsed Fiber Laser; a product that is unique to the market and reinforces their position as one of the world’s leading fiber laser manufacturers.

This latest product will enhance SPI's line of hugely successful redENERGY Pulsed Fiber Lasers, proven to be the pinnacle of pulsed nanosecond technology, with enhanced features for micro-machining and micro joining. With 180 W of power contained within an easily integrated air cooled unit the EP-M redENERGY Fiber Laser features a multimoded 4 mJ pulse with less than 60 kW peak power; ideally suited for cleaning, cutting and welding applications.

The company will also be taking the opportunity to officially launch their redPOWER PRISM & QUBE CW (300 W – 6 kW) products into the European market which will come as a fantastic opportunity for prospective customers to speak to their experts and identify just how these Fiber Lasers can improve industrial manufacturing processes by maximising efficiency, reducing production times and costs.

Attendees can view their full product range but will also have the opportunity to view numerous videos and samples that clearly demonstrate the amazing versatility of their Fiber Lasers. To find out more about SPI Lasers and the fiber lasers they manufacture, click here.