SphereOptics GmbH

  • Germany
  • +49 (0)8152 983 78-90
  • +49 (0)8152 983 78-91
  • Gewerbestrasse 13 82211 Herrsching Germany

Company Overview

Founded in 2003, SphereOptics is a highly technically focused company serving the following areas of photonics:

Manufacturing and calibration of optical materials and standards for diffuse transmission and reflection.

Distribution of test & measurement instruments for measuring the color and brightness of light sources and displays (e.g. Integration sphere systems and Imaging colorimeters).

Distribution of portable field spectroradiometers, industrial Infrared cameras,  hyperspectral cameras for remote sensing applications and handheld FTIR sensors for the spectral range 0,25 µm to 15 µm.

Test & measurement service for lighting technology.

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