Temmek Optics

  • Israel
  • +972 8 943 8408
  • +972 8 943 8390
  • Post PO Box 159 Technology Park, Yavne 81101, Israel

Company Overview

Temmek Optics Ltd. is active in the design and manufacture of LWIR and MWIR lenses. Temmek’s Infrared Lens line includes continuous zoom, discrete zoom and fixed focus lens assemblies. Temmek’s products are designed to operate with cooled and uncooled detectors, with a fast customization to the customer’s detector, both optically and mechanically.Temmek holds the manufacturing technologies in-house, both mechanical and optical, which gives Temmek an intimate know how in the manufacturing and assembly of optical assemblies. This expertise is incorporated into Temmek’s designs, and allows for very short time to market of prototypes, and a swift prototype to production transition.

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