West Coast Tech

  • China
  • + 86 591 87303536
  • + 86 591 83052826
  • No. 76, Xiaohoushan Rd, Nanyu, Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Company Overview

West Coast Tech Limited is a leading optical company, dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of high precision optical elements and sub-system.The company is founded in year 2008, and the principals have a back ground of Applied Optics. There are workshops located in Fuzhou and Shangrao. Been in optical industry for more than ten years, we have advanced equipments, skilled workers and rich experience. We supply a wide range of optical elements and lenses applied in UV, Visible and IR spectrum range, and serve orders from prototype to production. The product lines cover lenses, prisms, windows, domes, mirrors, beamsplitters, filters, diffusers, reticles, waveplates, polarizers, etc. They are widely used in industry, medical, military, as well as research.

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