• Finland
  • +358 41 477 47 81
  • Kivipolku 1, 56100, Ruokolahti, Finland

Company Overview

Founded in 2020 as spin out from Aalto University (Espoo, Finland). Located in Imatra, Finland

Team of world experts and ambitions young engineers experienced in ultrafast fiber lasers, laser electronics and laser control techniques: overall 17 people.

Evolase high power all fiber laser systems are based on customized ultra larger mode area active fibers optimized for high repetition rate operation and for suppressions of nonlinear effects.

Along with customised and customer specific laser sources Evolase offers off-shell products, such as laser diode drivers and laser benches.

Target applications are those which could benefit from narrow line width, high repetition rate and high output power: spectroscopy, including real-time Raman, characterization of semiconductor wafers, micro welding, laser cleaning, micromachining of brittle, transparent and semiconductor materials.

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