AC Photonics

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  • 2701 Northwestern Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95051, United States

Company Overview

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate due to exponential technology adoption; driving this growth is data and information.

ACP's sole mission since our inception in 1995 has been to support this technological advancement through creating unique photonic solutions to enable effective, efficient, and adaptable transfer of photons.

We have been solving the design and manufacturing challenges others couldn't. We’ve manufactured and delivered millions of components to over 25 countries around the world for applications where anything less than perfect quality isn’t acceptable — these environments are where we excel! And this is why we have become the trusted solutions provider for a discerning customer base.

Today ACP’s team of over 1,400 members operates on a global scale solving the most complex of photonic needs of over 400 customers in 25+ countries.

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