Incubator on On-Chip High-Field Nanophotonics

  • Date: 6 to 8 July, 2022
  • Location: Optica Global Headquarters, Washington, DC, USA
  • Event Type: Incubator, Meeting

Event Overview

The On-Chip High-Field Nanophotonics Incubator will explore scientific and technological opportunities at the confluence of nanophotonics and high-field femtosecond to attosecond physics. It will address how nanostructured solids can be utilized to explore the rich physical landscape of high-field nonlinearities, characterized by the emission of high harmonics and controlled generation of free carriers and petahertz currents. Through invited talks, panels, moderated discussion periods and informal networking this incubator seeks to:

  • Propose a roadmap to demonstrate what is the best nanostructured solid to enhance the outcome of high-field nonlinearities. For example, should we rely on plasmonic or dielectric metasurfaces, epsilon-near-zero materials or waveguides?
  • Foster a new community among those who share an interest in topics at the intersection of nanophotonics, metasurfaces, and high-field physics;
  • Plant the seed for a coordinated and focused effort to develop the scientific and technological opportunities that lie at the intersection of these subject areas;
  • Raise awareness of the relevance of strong-field nanophotonics with industry partners and funding agencies.