2nd International Conference on Advanced Physics and Quantum Physics

  • Date: 02 to 04 October, 2023
  • Location: Vienna, Austria
  • Event Type: Conference, Workshop, Symposium

Event Overview

The “2nd International Conference on Advanced Physics and Quantum Physics” will be held in Vienna, Austria, from October 02-04, 2023. The theme of Advanced Physics 2023 is "A Time for Research Innovations in Contemporary Physics," and it is organized by Pulsus. The overall aim of the Physics Conference 2023 is to bring around each other scientists, academics, and young researchers to discuss and share knowledge in the emerging field of Physics and Quantum Physics.

Scientific sessions are designed in such a way that each attendee will be able to learn things to the best of their abilities during the conference. Recent inventions and presentations will aid in the establishment of fundamental knowledge among all representatives.

Along with sharing and gaining information, the conference provides a space for communication where everyone is free to interact and aids in the formation of new global partnerships. The conference will also provide an excellent opportunity for attendees as well as exhibitors to make new contacts with whom they can develop their products.

Promote and use science for the benefit of humanity and the real environment in an atmosphere of true international collaboration among scientists, engineers, and industry, bringing together high-caliber personalities to discuss the most recent developments and innovations on a common platform.

Advanced Physics 2023 are concerned with the theoretical and experimental investigation of energy and matter and their interconnections, ranging from fundamental particles to atomic and nuclear physics to the physics of solid states and, ultimately, the creation of the world itself. Particle physics, cosmology, space physics, and material and computer physics are all examples of theoretical physics. In our conference, we have to include all the entire above-mentioned topics.

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