International Congress on Biophotonics ICOB 2024

  • Date: 3 to 7 March, 2024
  • Location: Jena, Germany
  • Event Type: Congress

Event Overview

The 7th International Congress on Biophotonics (ICOB 2024) is a future- oriented conference focused on photonic-driven solutions for medicine and life sciences. The congress, themed “Shining a Light on the Future of Biophotonics,” aims to bring together key players from academia, industry, and politics, as well as medical and life science professionals, to discuss current trends, perspectives, and challenges in biophotonics. ICOB 2024 is organized by the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies (Leibniz IPHT) in collaboration with the German Society for Biophotonics and Laser Medicine (DGLM). The congress is presented by Biophotonics4Future and will also host the 11th International Conference on Perspectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICOPVS-2024) in Europe for the first time.

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