New Compact Model Library for Smart Photonics InP Integrated Photonics Platform

Posted Apr 12, 2018 by

SMART Photonics in collaboration with photonic simulation solutions provider, Lumerical, has released a new compact model library (CML) for its InP integrated photonics platform and the associated PDK.

The CML enables circuit designers to reliably model behavior and performance of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) within Lumerical’s photonic integrated circuit simulator, INTERCONNECT, reducing costly design errors and dramatically accelerating time-to-market. Combined with SMART Photonics’ frequent MPW shuttle run, it provides designers with an excellent platform to prototype and refine new circuit designs quickly and efficiently.

The new CML contains more than twenty-five parameterized compact models, which have been carefully calibrated with a combination of experimental data, provided by SMART, and high-accuracy 3D physical simulations using Lumerical’s industry-leading suite of component-level modeling tools. The library includes passive and active devices, such as phase modulators, amplifiers and photodetectors, providing an extensive and flexible set of building blocks for creating complex PIC designs. Each model in the library enables both frequency- and time-domain circuit simulation, equipping designers with a complete set of analysis tools to design PICs for any application.

With applications including high speed data communications, and biological and environmental sensing in fast moving fields like IoT and automotive, SMART’s frequent MPW shuttle runs afford designers the ability to quickly iterate through design-manufacture-test cycles to optimize PIC performance.