New Camera from Teledyne Embeds Sony's Polarized Image Sensor

Posted Apr 16, 2018 by Teledyne DALSA Inc.

Teledyne DALSA is set to introduce its newest Genie Nano camera built around the Sony Pregius 5.1M polarized image sensor. The new Genie Nano-M2450-Polarized model features a monochrome quad polarization filter with a resolution of 2448 x 2048 pixels and image capture of 35 frames-per-second. With Teledyne’s TurboDrive technology, frame rates can increase by as much as 50%.

With the addition of the Genie Nano polarized model, Teledyne DALSA has become the first company to offer polarization for both area and line scan (Piranha 4 polarization) cameras. Polarization enables detectability of stress, birefringence, through-reflection and glare from surfaces like glass, plastic, and metal. Sony’s newest image sensor, with its pixel-level polarizer structure, enables the detection of both the amount and angle of polarized light across a scene. Four different angled polarizers (90°, 45°, 135° and 0°) are positioned on each pixel, and every block of four pixels comprises a calculation unit.

Key Features:

  • TurboDrive for fast frame rates and full image quality
  • Built around the Sony IMX250MZR, monochrome polarization CMOS image sensors
  • Small footprint and light weight frame at 21.2 mm x 29 mm x 44 mm/ 47 grams

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