COMSOL Introduces Easy Ray Optics Simulation of Rotating Devices for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Posted Jun 04, 2018 by

COMSOL has introduced a new add-on-product, the Ray Optics Module, into its Multiphysics software. The Ray Optics Module supports the ability to accurately trace rays through a moving geometry. Engineers developing technologies such as laser and fiber ring gyroscopes for civilian and military applications can now test new ideas and configurations in the virtual world using numerical simulation.

To showcase this capability, COMSOL has also announced the addition of a Sagnac Interferometer example model, complete with documentation and solution, to the Application Galleries. The new example provides simulation specialists with a working application of the Sagnac effect, the fundamental operating principle of ring laser gyroscopes, and will help those working with attitude detection to get a better understanding of the sensitivity and accuracy of such complex inertial navigation systems.

With the Sagnac Interferometer model, the simulation community can just specify the angular velocity, and then can accurately trace rays through the interferometer as it rotates, even though the two phenomena happen over vastly different time scales.

This is a real game changer for those working in the aerospace and defense industries. The movement in the example model is simple rotation, but the same capability could be applied to combinations of translation and rotation. Multiphysics models can also be built coupling ray tracing with structural deformation, including thermal stress. The Application Galleries features hundreds of example models and apps to help simulation specialists get started using COMSOL Multiphysics.