AOI Introduces 100Gbps PIN Photodiode Chips

Posted Mar 14, 2019 by Applied Optoelectronics

Applied Optoelectronics (AOI) has introduced 100 Gbps per lambda PIN photodiodes (PD) for high-speed optical transceivers. The high performing PIN PDs are front-side illuminated and feature a high-speed Ground-Signal-Ground (GSG) electrical pad configuration.

The devices are designed for operation in the important optical communication wavelength bands between 1270-nm and 1610-nm. In addition to high bandwidth, the devices also are designed to have high responsivity, low capacitance, low dark-current and excellent reliability even in the most demanding application environments.

The 100 Gbps PIN PD with 15 µm aperture can achieve receiver sensitivity of -9dBm OMA.  Pairing this with AOI’s 100 Gbps PAM4 lasers, the 100 Gbps PIN PD is ideal for applications such as the 100G DR, 100G FR, 400G DR4 and 400G FR4 transceivers, which are used primarily by large datacenter operators to interconnect switches within their datacenters. 

The laser diode and the photodiode are the two critical active optical components in fiber-optic transceivers. With the new 100 Gbps per lambda PIN PD, the company is now able to manufacture both of these key components in its in-house fab, which enhances vertical integration and allows in better serving 100G and 400G customers.

The devices are currently available for sampling, with volume production expected in the second quarter of 2019.