Luna Innovations Unveils New Analyzer Solution for High-Speed Optics Measurements

Posted Jun 06, 2019 by Luna Innovations

Luna Innovations has introduced its first offering in the next generation of high-performance, high-resolution analyzer products, the 6415 Lightwave Component Analyzer (6415). It provides an advanced and cost-effect solution to support measurements for the development and manufacturing of modern high-speed optical components and networks.

Luna’s new 6415 is aimed at enabling the next-generation, high-speed networks from the data center to 5G mobile, both of which require an ultrafast, economical optical network. According to Scott Graeff, the President and CEO of Luna Innovations, today’s extreme expansion in communications bandwidth and capacity depends on rapid advancements in fiber optic component and network technology. A high-speed, economical and scalable optical network is the backbone of communications infrastructure and forms the basis for everything from cloud computing to ultra-fast 5G mobile networking. The 6415 gives customers the power to develop, test and manufacture the next generation optical network components that fuel this global demand for bandwidth.

As component technology moves more aggressively towards higher speeds with higher levels of integration using semiconductor technology like silicon photonics, minimizing the cost of design cycles and increasing manufacturing throughput become critical. The 6415 helps reduce the design cycle and increase manufacturing throughput. With an unprecedented combination of measurement speed, accuracy, functionality and ease of integration, the product was designed with integrated photonic components production in mind.

With an integrated tunable laser, the 6415 provides fast and accurate information at a fraction of the cost of multi-unit test systems. This high-resolution product delivers comprehensive and high-speed results needed for testing modern passive optical components and provides a versatile tool for manufacturing test and quality control.