Samsung Ventures Invests in Ion-Beam Technology Experts, iBeam Materials

Posted Sep 10, 2019 by iBeam Materials

iBeam Materials (iBeam), a leading developer of ion-beam crystal alignment of thin layers deposited on a variety of substrates, has received investment from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (Samsung Ventures). iBeam is one of a select few companies globally attracting Samsung Ventures’ strategic investments in the microLED space. According to Samsung Ventures, iBeam’s breakthrough in LEDs enables it to be manufactured on large-area substrates as opposed to the much smaller single-crystal wafers currently used in the industry.

InGaN (Indium Gallium Nitride) LEDs, the foundation of the LED lighting revolution, and GaN HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) devices are currently manufactured on single-crystal wafers, restricting size, cost and thermal management. Under a US Department of Energy ARPA-E agency program, iBeam Materials has demonstrated LEDs and HEMT devices using a patented alternative process that allows manufacturers to deposit epitaxial GaN devices directly on a variety of substrates including thin, flexible large-area metal foils. This process delivers much lower thermal resistance and enables roll-to-roll manufacturing capability.

iBeam Materials is disrupting the Display, Lighting and Wearable Electronics industries by creating new game-changing product categories based on epitaxial GaN (Gallium Nitride)- devices grown on non-single crystal substrates (GaNoX). Located in Santa Fe, NM, and founded in 2011, the company specializes in use of an ion-beam technology for crystal alignment of thin layers providing for high-performance low-cost electronic devices on a variety of large-area substrates.