nLIGHT Introduces Two New Corona Fiber Lasers

Posted Nov 06, 2019 by nLIGHT Corporation

nLIGHT, an innovator in industrial fiber lasers, has announced two key additions to the Corona product family, the CFX-12000 and the enhanced CFX-5000. At 12kW output power, the Corona CFX-12000 is the highest power fiber laser in nLIGHT’s Corona product family. The enhanced CFX-5000 increases thin metal cutting speed by 20 percent while preserving CO2 like quality for thick mild steel cutting.

nLIGHT Corona lasers provide unrivalled versatility by adjusting the size and shape of the output beam at full power, all within the fiber. Based on the needs of their application, users can choose from small diameter top-hat beams to large diameter donut-shaped beams without the cost, complexity, or reliability risks inherent to free-space optics. Job shops and enterprise companies benefit from the speed and cost advantages of traditional fiber lasers with the superior thick metal cutting of CO2 lasers.

The introduction of new Corona fiber lasers continues nLIGHT’s leadership in high-power laser innovation. The Corona product family now includes the CFX-12000, CFX-8000, CFX-6000, and CFX-5000 with enhanced performance, CFX-4000 and CFX-3000. nLIGHT is a provider of high-power semiconductor and fiber lasers for industrial, microfabrication, and aerospace and defense applications.

nLIGHT will be showcasing its complete fiber lasers range at Blechexpo, (Booth - 3108) from Nov. 5-8 in Stuttgart, Germany and at FABTECH (Booth - A3550) from Nov. 11-14 in Chicago.