nLIGHT Launches New Fiber Laser Portfolio for Welding Applications

Posted Nov 20, 2019 by nLIGHT Corporation

nLIGHT, an innovator in industrial lasers, has introduced its welding fiber laser portfolio from 3kW to 15kW with an integrated fiber coupler or beam switch optimized for welding, cladding, and robotic applications.

With this latest launch of the welding fiber laser products, nLIGHT is now offering customers an integrated solution with fiber-to-fiber couplers and switches. The company has expanded the functionality of its current fiber lasers, enabling customers to access the fast-growing welding market across automotive, aerospace, and general industry applications.

The welding family of fiber lasers offers users the flexibility to integrate a fiber coupler or a 2- or 4-port beam switch for plug-and-play fiber replacement. In addition to these newly introduced features, the portfolio includes market-differentiating advantages such as unique hardware protection against back reflections, which allows uninterrupted processing of reflective metals. The welding family offers a high modulation rate and power stability, which delivers larger process windows and higher productivity. End users also enjoy high uptime due to proven, trusted components and rapid field serviceability.

nLIGHT showcased its new welding fiber lasers at FABTECH, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing trade show from November 11 to 14, Booth #A3550, Chicago. Click here to view more info nLIGHT's fiber lasers portfolio.