IPG Photonics Release Record-Breaking Ultra-Compact Laser Series

Posted Jul 21, 2020 by IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics Corporation, a leading provider of high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, has released new YLR-U Series near-infrared 1 μm fiber lasers. The YLR-U Series are the world’s highest performance industrial-grade kilowatt-class continuous wave (CW) ytterbium fiber lasers. With the smallest size and lowest weight in the industry, these lasers deliver unmatched performance in an ultra-compact form factor with a record power to volume ratio.

This new fiber laser series, covered by several patents and patents pending, is available with CW power up to 4 kilowatts currently and 8 kilowatts in the near future. The YLR-U Series includes a world first for rack-mounted mid power 1 μm lasers: the unrivalled combination of high CW power and an exclusive High Peak Power (HPP) option. These capabilities are in addition to the ideal beam quality, unsurpassed reliability and industry-leading wall plug efficiency that IPG provides across its portfolio of laser products.

IPG’s YLR-U family of lasers are able to operate in the harshest of environments, including over 90% relative humidity, thanks to their hermetically sealed rack design. For YLR-class devices, this capability has not been available on the world market before. The YLR-U series also includes the latest developments in world-leading industrial pump diode packaging technology from IPG Photonics.

Featuring a variety of remote control options including Analog, RS-232 or Ethernet, and built in self-diagnostics with Internet connectivity, the user friendly rack mount configuration is the most cost effective and adaptable solution for easy integration into production lines, enabling Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing.

Like the industry-leading YLR Series from IPG, YLR-U lasers are designed to handle a variety of metal cutting, welding and drilling applications. Over the past year, IPG customers have benefited from the High Peak Power option for fast and clean repeatable piercing and drilling in thicker materials, precision quality cutting, additional pulsed welding capabilities, and cutting and welding of highly reflective metals, all with increased process speed and quality.

Available exclusively from IPG, the High Peak Power option delivers improved process quality and speed, and higher overall throughput, while saving material, time and operating costs.

Click here to view detailed specifications of the YLR-U Series.