Lumentum Partners with Ayar Labs to Supply Laser Sources for Co-packaged Optical Interconnect Solutions

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Lumentum Holdings, a market-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products, and Ayar Labs, a leader in chip-to-chip optical connectivity, announced that they have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement to deliver CW-WDM MSA compliant external laser sources in high volume. These light sources are critical to power Ayar Labs’ optical I/O solution, which delivers breakthrough bandwidth, energy efficiency, and latency benefits for computing and networking over current short-reach copper links.

Co-packaged optics to replace traditional copper interconnects is a massive new market opportunity broadly recognized by the industry and one that Lumentum is well-positioned to address with our proven laser technologies and manufacturing scale,” said Walter Jankovic, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Datacom at Lumentum. “Ayar Labs is a leader in the development and commercialization of this market opportunity, and we believe that working together, we can accelerate this technology transition for the benefit of all.”

Since our founding, Ayar defined optical I/O as the disruptive transition from copper and electrons to fiber optics and photons for short-reach data communication,” said Charles Wuischpard, Chief Executive Officer at Ayar Labs. “Ayar Labs’ patented silicon photonics technology and new industry standards like the CW-WDM MSA are critical to this transition, as is the development of the manufacturing, supply chain, and packaging ecosystem to cost-effectively deliver the solution at scale in the millions of units. Lumentum is one of the largest and most efficient laser manufacturers in the world, and will provide the proven capability to address the volume, quality, and reliability requirements of our optical I/O solution.”

Last year, Ayar Labs demonstrated its 64-wavelength WDM optical source running at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. The announcement follows recent news of a strategic collaboration between Ayar Labs and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for next-generation data center architectures and networking with optical I/O, along with related news from GlobalFoundries for a first-of-its-kind silicon photonics manufacturing platform, GF Fotonix™, needed to address market demand for these solutions. Ayar Labs and Lumentum are Promoter Members, and GlobalFoundries and HPE are Observer Members of the CW-WDM MSA.

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