QuantWare Receives Subsidy from Quantum Delta for Superconducting Quantum Processor Development

Posted  by GoPhotonics


QuantWare, the leading provider of superconducting quantum processors, has been awarded a subsidy from Quantum Delta NL to further improve its state-of-the-art coherence times in superconducting processors by using novel materials. This funding will support the company to conduct research on fabrication methods using novel materials, thereby increasing the performance of its QPUs.

QuantWare has a unique business model which allows the company to make QPUs accessible to Quantum Computer builders at 1/10th the costs of competing solutions. With the subsidy from Quantum Delta NL, QuantWare will be able to provide superconducting quantum chips with an order-of-magnitude better coherence times.

Quantum Delta NL is the public-private partnership of global tech companies, government agencies, and major quantum research centers in the Netherlands. The mission of Quantum Delta NL is to position the Netherlands as a leading ecosystem in quantum technologies.

Increasing qubit coherence and making this technology available to the entire academic and commercial field is of utmost importance to move the technology forwards. Also, it will put the Dutch ecosystem in a frontrunner position within the quantum field, said Marten Arthers, Design Team Lead of QuantWare.

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