NUBURU Shines Bright with Launch of Next-Generation BL-Series Blue Lasers at Photonics West

Posted  by GoPhotonics


NUBURU, a leading innovator in high-power and high-brightness industrial blue laser technology, showcased its new NUBURU BL™-Series at Photonics West, where key members of NUBURU’s management team and Advisory Committee were in attendance. The BL-Series is a new compact form-factor blue laser enabled by an innovative third-generation light engine design. The BL-Series lasers are designed as easy-to-service packages that can readily integrate with scanners and beam delivery systems. The 125-Watt BL-125 and 250-Watt BL-250 lasers will provide high power and brightness along with integrated power monitoring, enabling design and fabrication efficiencies across a wide variety of industries.

Photonics West is the premier industry event, so we were excited to be able to showcase our new BL-Series products at the event and were very pleased with the strong interest we received,” said CEO Mark Zediker, who, along with other members of NUBURU’s management, met with customers, suppliers, research analysts and Photonics West media to introduce to them the BL-Series.

The BL-Series products showcased at Photonics West are designed to bring the fundamental physical, economic and performance advantages of the blue industrial laser to the manufacturing of products for vehicle electrification, 3C products and additive manufacturing of copper and other reflective materials.


Founded in 2015, NUBURU is a developer and manufacturer of industrial blue lasers that leverage fundamental physics and their high-brightness, high-power design to produce a faster, higher quality laser than currently available alternatives in materials processing, including laser welding and additive manufacturing of copper, gold, aluminum and other industrially important metals. NUBURU’s industrial blue lasers produce minimal to defect-free welds that are up to eight times faster than the traditional approaches — all with the flexibility inherent to laser processing.

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