Aeluma Begins Sampling Large-Diameter-Wafer Compatible Photodetectors for Tier-1 Automotive Supplier

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Aeluma, a semiconductor company specializing in scalable, cost-effective sensor technologies for LiDAR (light detection and ranging), communication, and sensing, announced that it has begun sampling its large-diameter-wafer compatible photodetectors with a delivery to a Tier-1 Automotive Supplier.

The engineering samples were produced with Aeluma's large-diameter wafer manufacturing platform, which is compatible with large-scale foundry manufacturing. The Tier-1 Automotive Supplier is expected to evaluate the samples for performance validation.

Aeluma recently announced its performance breakthrough for a new class of photodetectors. These sensors achieve low dark current of less than 100 picoamperes (pA) and high quantum efficiency greater than 90%. The breakthrough was achieved on a large-diameter substrate platform enabling many more chips to be produced per wafer. Higher chip count per wafer and highly automated manufacturing directly translates to lower cost chips and allows photodetector arrays to be economically produced.

Differently, incumbent, high performance compound semiconductor sensors are manufactured on small substrates with specialty, low-throughput manufacturing. Those sensors are expensive and do not inherently scale to the volumes necessary for mass market adoption. Aeluma's platform combines large-diameter wafer manufacturing with high performance compound semiconductors, providing a path to scale to mass market volumes and significantly reduce cost without sacrificing performance.

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