HOLOEYE Acquires Jasper Display Corp's LCOS Technology Assets

Posted  by GoPhotonics


HOLOEYE Photonics, a leading provider, offers SLM, DOE, and LCOS microdisplay solutions for academic and industrial research, announced that it has acquired assets from Jasper Display Corp’s (JDC) LCOS technology portfolio. JDC was a leading provider of LCOS Spatial Light Modulators (SLM), LCOS microdisplays and digital modulation controller ICs.

The JDC backplane technologies and hardware inventory enables HOLOEYE to expand product lines on its LETO and GAEA SLM platforms.

HOLOEYE also offers support for former JDC SLM customers to continue their academic and industrial research and development programs in the future.

Sven Krueger, CEO of HOLOEYE states “The fast digital backplane technology from Jasper Display Corp has highest potential for phase modulation Spatial Light Modulators with unique features like 4K resolution and extremely small pixel pitch. We already addressed this in the past with products like LETO and GAEA SLMs. The acquired technologies enable us to extend and diversify these product lines with versions for highly specialized applications.”

About HOLOEYE Photonics

Founded in 1999, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, HOLOEYE is providing products and services in the fields of Spatial Light Modulators (SLM), LCOS microdisplay components and Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE). HOLOEYE provides highly specialized and diversified standard solutions for academic and industrial R&D and offers component customizations, custom developments, and volume production for industrial integration.

About Jasper Display

Jasper Display Corp (JDC), is a fabless semiconductor company in Taiwan and the U.S. The company's main product lines were color-sequential LCOS microdisplays and Spatial Light Modulators (SLM).

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