Longview Fusion Energy Systems Partners with Fluor to Design World's First Commercial Laser Fusion Power Plant

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Longview Fusion Energy Systems, a pioneer in the commercialization of fusion energy, signs a contract with Fluor, one of the nation's leading engineering and construction firms, to design the world's first commercial laser fusion power plant. This is enabled by the historic breakthroughs in fusion energy gain at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's National Ignition Facility (NIF). Longview is the only fusion energy company using this proven approach.

Fluor will leverage its global experience in developing and constructing complex, large-scale facilities to provide preliminary design and engineering to support the development of Longview's fusion-powered plant.

Unlike other approaches, Longview does not need to build a physics demonstration facility, and, with its partner Fluor, can focus on designing and building the world's first laser fusion energy plant to power communities and businesses. Fluor, with expertise in the energy industry and modern modular construction methods, will design the Longview plant to ensure the delivery of carbon-free, safe, and economical laser fusion energy to the marketplace.

"We are building on the success of the NIF, but the Longview plant will use today's far more efficient and powerful lasers and utilize additive manufacturing and optimization through AI," says Valerie Roberts, Longview's Chief Operating Officer and former NIF construction/project manager.

"Laser fusion energy gain has been demonstrated many times over the last 15 months, and the scientific community has verified these successes," said Edward Moses, Longview's CEO and former director of the NIF. "Now is the time to focus on making this new carbon-free, safe, and abundant energy source available to the nation as soon as possible.

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