Coherent Introduces Fiber to Fiber Coupler with 12 kW (CW) Power Handling Capability

Posted Jul 17, 2017 by Coherent Inc.

Coherent has introduced a new Fiber to Fiber Coupler (FFC) that enables the use of replaceable process fiber optic cables. The new coupler usage is claimed to protect the integral components of the fiber laser – most notably the feeding fiber which generally is exposed to opto-mechanical damage during industrial processes. Damage to the feeding fiber means long and often costly down time. The new Coherent FFC enables the use of a separate fiber interface, and this separate delivery fiber can be exchanged in minutes in the case of damage.

The FFC is an eye-safe, stand-alone, water-cooled photonic component that handles laser power levels of 12 kW. A range of options enables coupling between fibers of different core diameters, as well as commonly used connector interfaces (QB, QD and Q5).

The FFC incorporates DGUV-certified safety electronics, and is an extension of the feeding fiber interlock circuit. It also includes integrated sensors, monitored and controlled by CANopen communication, whose threshold values can be set to enable or disable the interlock circuitry.

The coupler is ideal for high power industrial applications of fiber lasers, including Coherent HighLight FL series products.