Lumotive and Hokuyo Launch World's First 3D LiDAR Sensor with True Solid-State Beam Steering

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Lumotive, a pioneer in optical semiconductor technology, and Hokuyo Automatic, a global leader in sensors and automation, announced the commercial release of the YLM-10LX 3D LiDAR sensor. This groundbreaking product, powered by Lumotive's Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) optical beamforming technology, represents a major leap forward in applying solid-state, programmable optics to transform 3D sensing across industrial automation and service robotics applications.

Lumotive's LCM technology leverages the power of dynamic metasurfaces to manipulate and direct light in previously unachievable ways, eliminating the need for the bulky, expensive, and fragile mechanical moving parts found in traditional LiDAR systems. As a true solid-state beam steering component for lidar, LCM chips enable unparalleled stability and accuracy in 3D object recognition and distance measurement and effectively handle multi-path interference, which is crucial for industrial environments where consistent performance and safety are paramount.

Hokuyo's new sensor is the first of its kind in the lidar industry, achieving superior range and field of view (FOV) compared to any other solid-state solution on the market by integrating beam steering with Lumotive's LM10 chip. In addition, the digital, software-defined scanning capabilities of LCM beam steering allow users to easily adjust performance parameters like the sensor's resolution, detection range, and frame rate with the ability to have multiple FOVs programmed and used simultaneously, seamlessly adapting to application needs and changing conditions, indoors and outdoors.

"The YLM-10LX sensor marks a breakthrough in 3D lidar technology, unlocking new possibilities for automation and robotics," said Ms. Chiai Tabata, product and marketing lead at Hokuyo. "With the industrial sectors increasingly demanding high-performance, reliable lidar systems that also have the flexibility to address multiple applications, our continued partnership with Lumotive allows us to harness the incredible potential of LCM beam steering and to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers."

"We are thrilled to see our LM10 chip at the heart of Hokuyo's new YLM-10LX sensor, the first of our customers' products to begin deploying our revolutionary beam steering technology into the market," said Dr. Axel Fuchs, Vice President of Business Development at Lumotive. "This product launch highlights the immense potential of our programmable optics in industrial robotics and beyond. Together with Hokuyo, we look forward to continuing to redefine what's possible in 3D sensing."

Lumotive's LM10 LCM, a chip-scale solid-state beam steering solution for lidar, allows sensor makers like Hokuyo to rapidly integrate compact, adaptive programmable optics into their products. LM10, like all LCMs, are manufactured using well-established and scalable silicon fabrication techniques, reducing costs through economies of scale and making solid-state lidar accessible and economically feasible for widespread adoption in a broad spectrum of industries.

The commercial release of the YLM-10LX sensor is another significant milestone of Hokuyo's continued investment in its long-term, strategic collaboration with Lumotive. The two companies will continue to combine Hokuyo's industry-leading expertise with Lumotive's game-changing optical semiconductors to push the boundaries of 3D lidar technology and drive innovation across a wide range of applications.

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