GE-VAC 2048 512 BI

Scientific & Industrial Camera by greateyes

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The GE-VAC 2048 512 BI from greateyes is a Scientific in-Vacuum Back-Illuminated (BI) Charge-Coupled Device (CCD). It has a resolution of 2014 x 512 pixels and a pixel size of 13.5 µm x 13.5 µm. This camera has a maximum readout noise of 5.7e- at 500 kHz, 6.9e- at 1 MHz, and 10.3e- at 3MHz. It has a full well capacity of 100 ke- and an image area of 27.6 mm x 6.9 mm. This camera has a dark current of 0.0003 e-/pixel/s and a maximum gain of 1 counts/ e-. The camera has linearity better than 99% and can be controlled via a 16-bit Camera link interface. It has a peak quantum efficiency of 98% and has a 16-bit AD converter resolution. 

The GE-VAC 2048 512 BI camera is optimized for UHV compatibility. It has high sensitivity, speed, and resolution. This camera has a USB 2.0 data interface and measures 6.2 x 10 x 13.2 cm. It is ideal for imaging and spectroscopy in the VUV, EUV, soft, and hard X-ray range.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    GE-VAC 2048 512 BI
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    In-Vacuum CCD Camera for VUV, EUV, X-Ray Imaging, and Spectroscopy


  • Application
    Spectroscopy, Imaging

Connections & Interface

  • Data Interface
    USB 2.0

General Parameters

  • Camera Type
    Area Scan Cameras
  • Compliances
  • Dark Current
    0.0003 e¯/pixel/sec
  • Detector Sensitivity
    0.8 counts/e¯
  • Linearity
    Better than 99%
  • Power Supply
    110-240 VAC, 50 Hz-60 Hz, 1A
  • trigger Input Signals
    Sync-, Shutter Out, Trigger in
  • Vertical Clock Speed
    5 µm to 100 µm/row
  • Pixels
    1 MP
  • Resolution
    2048(H) x 512(V)
  • Active Image Area
    27.6 x 6.9 mm
  • ADC Resolution
    16 Bit
  • Sensor Type
  • Dynamic Range
  • Full Well Capacity
    100,000 e-
  • Pixel Size
    13.5 x 13.5 µm
  • Quantum Efficiency
    Up to 96%
  • Read Noise
    2.4 to 4 e¯ rms
  • Note
    Register well capacity: 150,000 e¯

Physical Properties

  • Dimension
    61 x 89 x 136 mm
  • Weight
    2000 g

Technical Documents

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