Permanent Marking of Stainless Steel Medical Devices without Post-Processing

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For medical devices made from these hard steels, the challenge is to find a process that creates a mark satisfying several key criteria: First, it must have high contrast so that it can be discerned by a range of different means. Second, it must be permanent, which in this case means that it must not fade due to regular handling and use, or due to any subsequent re-passivation and repeated autoclaving. In addition, the mark should be sub-surface, having no surface relief that could harbor contamination or cause irritation/inflammation during use. Plus, the mark should be applicable to contoured surfaces. Furthermore, the marking process in itself should not create the need for additional passivation. And lastly, the entire process should be automated and cost-effective. In this whitepaper we present a process and a range of fully featured marking tools based on picosecond lasers that finally meet every single one of these key criteria.