UniKLasers to Showcase Laser Solutions for Holography at the Holography Conference

Posted Nov 08, 2019 by Uniklasers Ltd

UniKLasers has confirmed its participation for the upcoming Holography Conference, the only global conference for the commercial holography industry. The event will be held in the city of Athens from November 14-15 and will showcase the latest advances in Security, Augmented Reality, Visual Recognition, Commercial & Interactive Displays applications.

At the event, UniKLasers’ Senior Laser Engineer, Scott Early, will be delivering a presentation on “High Power Red and other single frequency DPSS lasers as key instruments for Holography”. He will discuss how UniKLasers’ SLM lasers address such important Holography requirements such as long-term power stability, long term wavelength stability, narrow line-width that translates into long coherence length and remote laser control to minimize any environment impact during the recording process. Scott will also be available for appointments to talk visitors through the company’s range of high performance; single frequency DPSS lasers ensuring individual requirements are understood.

UniKLasers has been closely involved within various areas of the holography market. This included relationships with valued clients in financial fraud prevention, artistic creations, AR/VR displays and everything in-between. The company has an excellent product range that is in particularly well suited for the holography industry. Specifically, the Solo 640 Series with output power up to 1000mW has proven to be a popular SLM laser choice.

The Solo 640 has matured through close partnering and collaboration with our clients to refine product functionality and specifications to better meet the latest holography industry requirements. The Series now comes with enhancements including:

  • Integrated water cooling with an optional ultra-low noise thermo-electrically controlled chiller
  • Laser head covers also available in a robust matte black finish to minimize scattering
  • Additional GUI interface options for remote control management
  • Improved output power and wavelength stability down to the femtometers range tested & confirmed over longer durations.

In response to customer feedback, UniKLasers has built up a stock of its Solo 640 systems to ensure minimal lead times. Additionally, the company is also offering reduced lead times on its Solo 1064, Solo 698 & Solo 698.4 QT single frequency DPSS lasers.