Gigaphoton Develops New Spectral Width Control Technology

Posted Sep 12, 2017 by Gigaphoton

Gigaphoton, a leading manufacturer of light sources used in semiconductor lithography, has introduced its latest optical design and manufacturing technology and announced the development of new Spectral Width Control Technology, hMPL. hMPL has already received highly favorable evaluations from chip manufacturers in pilot experiments, and will go on to respond to future advanced semiconductor manufacturing applications.

Spectral width is one of the most important parameters in the semiconductor lithography process. Gigaphoton's hMPL decreased the optical thermal load for the LNM (Line-Narrowing Module) and reduced the spectral width target value from the existing 300 fm (femtometers) to 200 fm. In addition, by introducing a new control algorithm, widening to an upper limit of up to 450 fm became possible.

The following two points illustrate the advantages of hMPL. Firstly, through narrowing the existing spectral width, contrast improves and the process window widens. Secondly, as the spectral width can be varied, it is possible to adjust contrast differences between exposure devices. For semiconductor manufacturing for the IoT, this is an effective method when old and new exposure equipment is used in combination. With these advantages, hMPL improves the margin for the exposure process, contributing to process optimization and to improvements in chip productivity.

The hMPL will be installed as standard on the Gigaphoton GT65A scheduled for shipment at the end of 2017.