CMOS Image Sensor by Samsung Semiconductors

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The ISOCELL HM2 from Samsung is a 108 Mega Pixel CMOS Image Sensor. It has a normal frame rate of 10 fps and a video frame rate of 240 fps at 360p. The sensor is equipped with small 0.7μm-sized pixels and can take clear and bright 12 MP photos in dim lighting. It is armed with a nine-pixel binning technology and leverages the full 108 MP resolution feature to take detailed photographs. It uses Gyro Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to keep the footage steady even when the user is shooting a fast-moving scene on the move. The sensor utilizes Samsung’s innovative ISOCELL Plus technology that makes pixels in the ISOCELL HM2 more powerful and gives them the ability to produce vivid, lifelike colors. The technology uses special materials to separate pixels and reduce interference between them. This improves color fidelity and light sensitivity.

This sensor combines three images taken at different exposure levels simultaneously to produce HDR images in real-time. With distinctive highlights, shadows, and contrast, the resulting images are just like the human eye sees. With real-time HDR, this image sensor allows users to capture favorite moments with vibrant color and vivid detail. This image sensor takes the pain out of finding the optimal ISO setting with Smart-ISO technology to optimize picture quality and reduce noise. The intelligent feature automatically selects high ISO to get brighter, clearer images in dimly lit settings without introducing excessive noise. In bright lighting, it shoots in low ISO for high-fidelity, color-accurate images.

The ISOCELL HM2 108 MP sensor is about 15-percent smaller than the 0.8μm-based predecessors and reduces the height of the camera module by 10 percent.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Samsung Semiconductors

General Parameters

  • Resolution
    12000 (H) x 9000 (V)
  • Mega Pixels
    108 MP
  • Supply Voltage
    2.8 V for analog, 1.8 V for I/O, and 1.05 V for digital
  • Optical Format
    1/1.52 Inch
  • Chroma
    RGB, Bayer
  • Shutter Type
    Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS), Global Shutter
  • Frame Rate
    10 to 90 Frames/sec
  • ADC Resolution
    10 Bit
  • Pixel Size
    0.7 µm x 0.7 µm
  • Pixel Type
    ISOCELL Plus
  • HD Format
    3D HDR Technology
  • Sensor Technology

Connections & Interface

  • Interface
    4 lanes D-PHY / 3 lanes C-PHY


  • Application
    Mobile Phone Camera, high-speed photography
  • Application Type


  • Operating Temperature
    -20 to 85 Degree C
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