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Company Overview

NLIR (Non-Linear-Infrared) is revolutionizing mid-infrared light detection with its innovative spectrometers that offer rapid spectral acquisition in milliseconds, exceptional sensitivity, and high resolution. Its sensors are based upon a novel upconversion technology, converting MIR light to NIR light. This enables the use of uncooled silicon-based sensors for detection of mid-infrared light, lifting many challenges of the conventional Fourier-Transform InfraRed (FTIR) spectrometry methods and opening new MIR measurement opportunities.

NLIR's mission is to advance optical sensing solutions, helping industries overcome challenges and pioneer future innovations. Its products cater to research groups in public institutes, private companies, and production departments needing in-line, on-line, or at-line MIR spectroscopy across diverse sectors including but not limited to optics manufacturing, laser characterization, gas analysis, material inspection, other.

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