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The LDS-1590-DFB-2.5G-15/45 from LasersCom is an InGaAsP Multiple Quantum Well Laser Diode that operates from 1587 to 1593 nm. The laser diode delivers an optical output power of up to 15 mW (CW) and 45 mW (peak pulse). It has a DFB cavity with a side mode suppression ratio of above 40 dB and has a spectral linewidth of below 500 kHz. The laser diode is based on LDS technology that provides enhanced thermal stability against optical power with a tracking error of 0.15 dB. It requires a DC supply of 1.7 V and has a current consumption of up to 120 mA of current. The laser diode has an integrated photodiode and is available in a coaxial package with an optical fiber connector. It is ideal for fiber optic communications with data rates of up to 2.5 Gbps.

This laser diode can be ordered for specific configurations from the manufacturer.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    InGaAsP Multiple Quantum Well Laser Diode from 1587 to 1593 nm


  • Application
    Optical fiber Communication Systems

General Parameters

  • Technology
    Distributed Feedback (DFB), Multi-Quantum Well (MQW)
  • Operation Mode
    CW/Pulsed Laser
  • Wavelength
    1587 to 1593 nm
  • Capacitance
    10 to 20 pF
  • Output Power
    15 to 45 mW
  • Output Power
    15 to 45 mW
  • Spectral Width (FWHM)
    0.09 nm
  • Operating Voltage
    1.4 to 1.7 V
  • Operating Current
    100 to 120 mA
  • Reverse Voltage
    2 V
  • Threshold Current
    8 to 12 mA
  • Monitor Current
    0.2 to 4 mA
  • Fiber Modes
    Single Mode
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio
  • Slope Efficiency
    0.13 to 0.17 mW/mA
  • Package Type
    TO-Can Pigtailed
  • Package
  • Photo Diode Dark Current
    100 nA
  • Lead Soldering Temperature
    260 Degree C
  • Pulsed Laser Forward Current
    500 mA
  • Rise/Fall Time
    80 to 120 ps
  • Type
    Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode
  • Wavelength Temp. Coefficient
    0.1 nm/Degree C
  • Output Power (CW)
    15 mW
  • Output Power (Pulsed)
    45 mW
  • Tags
    LDS Series

Physical Properties

  • Fiber length
    50 cm


  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 85 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -50 to 85 Degree C

Technical Documents

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